Making Waste Beautiful

We develop and supply a leather alternative based on the waste in cider production.

Three core values

Transform what others thought would be left behind into a quality, high value product using sustainable ingredients and plastic-free.


Our material consists of minimum 50% of apple pulp. We use everything that’s left over after pressing apples for juice or cider.

Plastic-free mix

The other 50% consist of sustainably sourced ingredients and our coating is a mix of bio-based and fossil fuel derived ingredients.

Look & Feel

Our material looks and feels close to animal leather and we are createing a real alternative, so that you can not tell the difference.

Be an ambassador

We’re working with the industry to develop a material that goes beyond what’s possible with leather tanning today. A wallet is only one example. Right now we can offer prototyping sheets of up to 65x65cm, just send us an email and let’s start a material revolution!

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